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“I feel a sense of achievement finding an alternative way to deal with my pain and restricted movements and building a better communication between my muscles and my brain to work together.


I am making progress focusing on neuroplasticity instead of my pain.


The best part of Daehan is that he is an excellent listener and keen observer. He is meticulous, providing detail home exercises with work sheets indicating how many seconds and how often I repeat the particular movements under metronome.”

Kahyun MacKenzie Shin

in her book, Do you Suffer From Pain? Me Too. Chapter 33 Meeting with Daehan

"I worked with Daehan for over a year and he was great! He is very attentive to details and his clients’ needs. He worked with me on an exercise program and when I injured my lower back, he correctly identified the source of the pain and gave me a set of exercises to correct the imbalance. I am fine now and continue to build my core strength. I highly recommend Daehan for anyone wanting an experienced kinesiologist who gives his all to his clients!"

Vera Radyo

Executive Director, Ken & Oli Johnston Foundation 

"After having spinal surgery in my teens, I’ve worked with physiotherapists and other clinicians for almost fifty years, and Daehan is definitely one of the best.


He does extensive testing to assess problems as well as to determine whether the exercises he has prescribed are working, and he always explains the mechanics of my pain triggers clearly. For example, he filmed me walking, showed me frame by frame how my gait was causing problems, and devised some exercises that would help me retrain my brain to walk differently.


Daehan is extremely knowledgeable about the body and draws on a wide range of treatments, often designing unique exercises to target particular areas. He’s passionate about his work and constantly upgrades his skills by taking courses and adding to his extensive arsenal of treatments.


Although I appreciate Daehan’s expertise, it’s his professionalism and his personality that have prompted me to continue seeing him regularly over the past year. He’s incredibly polite, he’s extremely kind and empathic, he’s unfailingly positive, and the man has the patience of a saint when he teaches me new exercises. I also appreciate how he truly listens to me and is willing to adjust his plans for the session based on new issues that have cropped up.


When I started seeing Daehan over a year ago, I could barely walk a block without experiencing severe muscle spasms, even though I was already working with a physiotherapist and exercising every day. After a few months with him, the spasms were gone, and I now walk every day.


Given my experiences with Daehan, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him to friends and family, and, in fact, he was able to help my husband determine the source of his back pain and resolve it. In short, he’s the real deal, and it gives me great peace of mind to know that I have someone I can trust to turn to as I face the challenges ahead."

Betty Anne Buirs

Professor at Kwantlen Polytechnique University

"I trained with Daehan early in November 2015. When I first saw him, I was having difficulty walking, limping quite noticeably, after total hip replacement surgery. My case was more complex because I had a repeat surgery after the unsuccessful initial surgery followed by two dislocations. I was a lot worse off than after simple hip replacement surgery because I had also had back surgery 6 months before my initial hip replacement surgery.


Daehan is a very well qualified and very committed Kinesiologist. I’m very impressed with Daehan's very professional approach to assessing and training his clients. In less than two months of training with him, there was a marked improvement in my walking and in my balance. And after less than three months of training, I was walking almost normally! Before I started to train with Daehan, I used a cane frequently. I never use one now in my regular daily activities. What a thrill to be at this place, after having limped quite noticeably for over three years following my hip surgeries!


I attribute this very significant improvement to the commitment of my Kinesiologist, Daehan, who not only trains me but also puts in lots of extra time researching appropriate additional exercises to do with me in the following sessions. Daehan has demonstrated exceptional caring and commitment, unlike anything I’ve experienced before in the many years of training and working out that I experienced prior to my surgeries.


One additional bonus for me from getting back into training with Daehan has been realizing that becoming more fit involved not only the training I did with him but also had a lot to do with my health generally. Fitness and being healthy have become a real priority in my life. It’s hard not to be that way when you get the fitness bug from Daehan Kim. His friendliness and commitment to his clients are “infectious”, in a very good way! Thanks, Daehan!


I should add that I offered to write this testimonial because I was so pleased with the results Daehan has achieved with me, not because I was asked to write one. I’m a thoroughly satisfied client. I love training with Daehan!"

Jack Huberman, QC (Queen's Counsel)

Retired Executive Director, Continuing Legal Education Society of British Columbia

"I’ve had the good fortune of working with Daehan for several months now and he has had a huge impact on my recovery from what my surgeon called “a horrific injury” to my right knee over a year ago. I spent several months in a wheelchair, walker and on crutches.


The progress I’ve made since working one-on-one with Daehan is incredible.  He is brilliant, very creative, innovative and knowledgeable about the intricacies of the human body and how it heals. My progress has been impressive. 


Daehan has a wonderful way of inspiring me to work even harder, to fight my fears from the accident that still haunts me, to overcome them and move forward.  I highly recommend him to you if you or someone you love who has had an injury that has compromised their quality of life or they’ve experienced trauma from an accident or injury."

Robin Wilson

Leadership Director, Sandra Schmirier Foundation 

"As a physiotherapist who has been working closely with Daehan for our mutual clients, I would not have second thoughts about referring any of my clients for Daehan's services. Daehan excels not only in his clinical practice of exercise physiology, but also in improving the profession through his publications on the academia side.


My clients have provided positive feedback in that Daehan is: 1) professional and kind, 2) thorough and patient in each assessment and, 3) truly catering for each individual's treatment protocol.


If you're looking for a clinician who is truly invested in your health and wellness, look no further."

Ernest Chao


"He is a definitely professional, passionate and friendly kinesiologist. No doubt his broad range of knowlege and tremendous experience. Sometimes I saw some health professionals less passionate than the initial consultant even I understand it is hard to make the session consistent, but he was the person the same from beginning to the end. Very trustworthy.

Jackie Moon

Registered Acupuncturist

"I’ve been working with Daehan for a year now. I am +50, active but struggling with recurring injuries. Daehan is working with me not just to rehab the injuries but to identify the structural weaknesses that trigger my injuries. His exercises are simple but effective. He follows up with pictures and videos so I can do them at home, properly! He adapts the program on the fly as needed. When I arrived with my broken hand in a cast, he kept me moving forward. He “MacGyver-ed” the rowing machine so I could row one-handed without sacrificing form. He is knowledgeable, passionate about his work, personable and enthusiastic. He is a great Kinesiologist and a Strength Conditioning Coach!"

Margaret G.

West Vancouver

"Daehan, is an exceptional Kinesiologist like no other. As an Osteopathic Manual Practitioner and a Clinical Exercise Physiologist, I collaborate with clinicians from various fields.


Daehan’s approach to collaboration has been the most unique and effective because he not only shares his assessment findings clearly but also openly discusses the potential limitations of his methods. In doing so, it allows me to clearly understand his reason for referral and how I can best be of help to these clients. As a result, I thoroughly enjoy conversations where we discuss client cases while sharing our expertise and knowledge. Our mutual clients consistently appreciate how updated we are of each other's work and have enjoyed this level of care.


From my clients, they greatly value Daehan's emphasis of translating their rehabilitation exercises done in the gym to their tailored activities of daily living.


If you have read this far, I hope that you get to meet this honest and dedicated individual who tirelessly work towards the betterment of your health and fitness!"

Duarte Rosario

Osteopathic Manual Practitioner

"I was diagnosed with Guillain-Barré syndrome 23 years ago which left with residual lower limbs weakness/paralysis. I was looking for a kinesiologist who had a strong understanding of human anatomy and could modify exercises for strength training bearing in mind my limitations. A colleague referred me to Daehan.


Working with Daehan was a very rewarding experience for me. He modified the exercise programs to fit my unique limitations with a focus to help me build and gain strength. In addition, I found his understanding of neuroscience and biomechanics was an added advantage because he could apply his expertise in creating a unique program for me.


I cannot but comment on his attention to detail and his ability to go the extra mile.  I remember precisely during the early stages of our sessions he had reached out to my treating physiatrist with the details of the exercise program he had created for me wanting her input on things that he could do better. He was always very encouraging especially when I was disappointed with my slow progress and helped me understand the need to focus on the long-term goals and consistency.


I highly recommend Daehan to anyone who wants a kinesiologist that goes beyond just creating an exercise program but one that applies his knowledge of the science behind the human movement to his treatment plan."

Sotonya G.H.


"After many years of over being very active in high impact sports, I entered a repeating cycle of constant injury. I began suffering from chronic pain in my back, knees and other areas. Abdominal surgery created additional issues for me. I went from being strong and fit to not being able to do much of anything. My visits to health care people seemed to always consist of my being told to rest and what movements not to do, which seemed to add up to my not moving at all. The less I did, the worse I felt and the more the pain would increase. I had always pushed through pain and injury, but there came a point where my body wasn't having it anymore. I began visiting a few different facilities and meeting with different trainers to try a gentle approach to return to exercise but unfortunately, those attempts led to further injury. I spent years in the cycle of injury and pain. I began feeling hopeless and afraid that I would never be able to exercise again because whenever I attempted to do anything, the pain would get worse.


When I met with Daehan first time, I was at my lowest point. Daehan immediately put me at ease and created a program to gently get my body moving again. He is extremely knowledgeable, endlessly patient and full of understanding. He is a good listener and knows when to push and when not to. Since I have been meeting with him, within just a few short months, the pain has decreased and my confidence is slowly increasing.  I feel stronger and more capable week after week. I feel very grateful and fortunate to have such a dedicated, caring Kinesiologist looking after me. I love my workouts and look forward to every session. I feel hopeful again about my health and future and cannot say enough positive things about Daehan. I look forward with optimism to continuing on this healing path!"


Nicole C.

North Vancouver 

"I am a middle-aged woman who has had an office job for the past 30 years.  I was rear-ended while stopped at a red light.  As a result of this accident, I experienced soft tissue injuries which included a high level of discomfort on the left side of my neck, shoulder blade, and hip.  Prior to being referred to Daehan, I had been treated weekly through massage and physiotherapy and definitely received some relief from these therapies.  However, there were things in my day to day life that I would do that would aggravate these soft tissue injuries.  For example, carrying groceries would hurt my neck and my shoulder, going for a walk would hurt my hip and even my shoulder and neck and doing my job responsibilities at work would at times be challenging because of the repetitive motion I would be doing for several hours at a time.


By the time I saw Daehan I didn’t think it was a possibility for me to ever feel the way I do today.  I have had 12 visits with Daehan during which time he has given me strengthening exercises to support my injuries.  My visits with him have provided me with relief from these injuries that I never thought was possible.  I have found Daehan to be very easy to talk to about my injuries and the pain and lack of mobility that I suffer from and it seems right away he knows the target areas to work on.  Daehan has been very supportive throughout my treatments with him which has provided me with a lot more self-confidence while working out.  I would highly recommend Daehan."

Lindy G.

North Vancouver

"I started working with Daehan about 4 months after my back injury. I was in bad shape. I had been seeing a physiotherapist, chiropractor, and massage therapist with some improvement but not where I knew I could be. I felt that my service providers were all separate and so a complete picture of my recovery wasn’t clear. I had never worked with a Kinesiologist before. With Daehan’s help, I was able to streamline my service providers and have a much more noticeable improvement for my back injury. With my bi-weekly and now monthly appointments with him, I have enough time to practice all of his exercises that he and my new physiotherapist give me. Regular face to face and text message check-ins help me feel supported if I have a question or a new quirk pop up in my recovery. I know that I have a way to go still but I am so confident that going from being bedridden to being able to lift a 10lb box that he knows exactly how to work with my multifaceted injury. He’s also super nice and works really hard for his clients. I’ll continue working with him long term. Thanks, Daehan!"

Marianne R.


"My strength, balance, and overall fitness have really improved since I began with Embodied Dynamics as a client.


Daehan Kim, the owner and a superbly expert, highly trained clinical kinesiologist is really attentive to the needs of his clients, and tremendously adaptable on short notice to respond to and to resolve any issues related to body mechanics, limitations of movement and pain.


I became a long-term client of Embodied Dynamics, because of the great results that I was having with Daehan.


Do take advantage of this unique and special man and his approach to fitness and wellness. And feel free to contact me if you want any other details."

Gordon Y.


"Daehan Kim is EXCEPTIONAL! I have worked with multiple specialists due to 3 car accidents and he is by far the very best! He assessed me like I've never been assessed before (by anyone) and broke it down to the simplest elements of the physical body - from where the damage(s) initiate. Simply put, he studies you and drills it down! He works with you (his client) with his full attention, speaks with you in layman terns for full understanding and is extremely compassionate & kind. You will definitely experience positive changes (if you do the work!!!) with Daehan. Go see him!! Cheers!"

Deb W.

Maple Ridge

"Daehan is tremendously knowledgeable and has recommended targeted exercises and created workout routines specifically for my needs and goals. It worked, and it worked fast! I came in with an acute knee injury but with goal to improve my mobility, weightlifting form, diaphragmatic breathing (to name a few). He LISTENS, and that is the first step that is so often missing. Coaching is easy to follow with online access to learned exercises. He checks on you in between sessions and keeps you accountable in a subtle way. Excellent sense of humor, to top it off! If you want your body to move better, stay stronger longer and age without pain, go with Embodied Dynamics and Daehan!"

Gordana A.M.


"I feel fortunate to have been referred to Daehan after trying a number of treatment methods after my car accident.  Daehan is patient and knowledgeable, offering just enough push to keep me motivated and challenged.  Daehan ensured that I understand the exercises so that I can keep them up at home.  I have been encouraged and feel stronger and hopeful that with continued work, the negative impact of my injury will be a distant memory.  I highly recommend Daehan."

Jacqueline P.

North Vancouver

"I’ve been seeing Daehan for about 5 months now and his service and expertise have never disappointed. Daehan really listens to my needs and body discomfort, and even did an in-depth analysis that I haven’t been able to experience in other clinics, which has been very helpful in working to find a proper solution to achieving my results. I strongly recommend Daehan if you’re looking to achieve a more comfortable, healthier version of yourself!"

Jasmine K.


"I’ve had the pleasure of being a client of Daehan as he helped me overcome some injuries from a car accident, specifically working on my back and waist areas. First off, he is incredibly courteous and professional and takes a holistic approach in his diagnosis. When explaining my symptoms, he went through my issues in full detail and came up with a step-by-step plan to help expedite my recovery. Even weeks after my treatment, he would follow up to ensure I was still making progress. He’s truly one of the best in his field and everyone I’ve recommended to him have been highly satisfied clients as well!"

Elaine K.


"I was referred to Daehan by my Medical Doctor and have been a client for 9 months. He is able to effectively diagnose causes of aches / pains and develop exercises to alleviate the symptoms. After my initial symptoms were resolved I continue to see Daehan after developing a well rounded exercise program. He is better than going to a Physical Therapist. I would highly recommend Daehan"

John K.


"Daehan Kim was my Kinesiologist from July 27 to November 15, 2015. Daehan played a huge role in helping me get better and cope with my Motor Vehicle Accident injuries.  He was very professional and knowledgeable about his profession.  He was detail-oriented and patient.  When I was feeling down, he was very understanding and became a shoulder to cry on. I had previous experience with other Kinesiologists in the past but nobody came close to Daehan’s caliber.  I highly recommend Daehan Kim to anybody."

Remedios (Remy) P.


"I have been learning from Daehan for over two years. I have extensive fitness experience but have never had comparable intelligent, customized and beneficial advice from any trainer. Daehan is always prepared and eager to share his insights and a wide range of knowledge. I have no hesitation in highly recommending Daehan as a kinesiologist and I intend to continue to benefit from his guidance."

Luis M.

West Vancouver

"I have been working out with Daehan for 1 year.  He has helped me retain and improve my mobility, balance, and strength.  I have osteoarthritis in both my hips and his customized exercises have improved the flexibility and reduced the pain in my hip joints.  If an exercise does not have the desired result, he adapts it to accomplish the goal.  My improved muscle strength has improved my swimming times. It has been an enjoyable year. Thank you Daehan!"

Barb W.

West Vancouver

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