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2018 Presentation on Science and Art of Motor Adaptation
- British Columbia Kinesiologist Association AGM, Burnaby, BC, Canada  
2017 Presentation on Theory and Applied Implications of Human Motor Adaptation
- 17th International Fitness Expo, Atlanta, GA, USA  
2017 Panel discussion "Kinesiologist: Human-centred Solution to Pathology based Medicine"    
- Korean Consulate, Vancouver, BC, Canada (2017 벤쿠버 총영사관 "내 자녀 꿈 찾기" 공감토크 페널)  
2016 Guest Lecture on the Integral Role of Kinesiologists for Interdisciplinary Care
- Langara College, Vancouver, BC, Canada 
2015 Presentation on The Brain's Mechanism for Overcoming Motor Control Problems 
- National Strength & Conditioning Association Regional Conference, Richimond, BC, Canada 
2013 Guest Lecture on The Relationship between Hip Muscle Activation and Knee Stability
- Kookmin University, Seoul, South Korea (국민대학교 초청 세미나 - 무릎과 고관절의 상관 관계) 
2012 Presentation on The Relationship between Hip Muscle Activation and Knee Stability
- Canadian Society of Biomechanics 17th Biannual Meeting, Burnaby, BC, Canada 
2011 Presentation on The Relationship between Leg Strength Profile and Athletic Injuries
- American College of Sports Medicine 58th Annual Meeting, Denver, CO, USA 
2010 Presentation on "Overcoming the Myth of Proprioceptive Training"
- Oregon State University, Corvalis, OR, USA 
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