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How brain controls movement and coordination

We believe in LISTENING, UNDERSTANDING, ASSESSING, and ADAPTING to YOUR NEEDS, GOALS, and ENVIRONMENT. Injuries, diseases, and pain are often huge barriers to a fulfilling life. However, they do not define you. We believe in helping you efficiently take control of the way they affect your life.

"Embodied Dynamics has a wonderful way of inspiring me to work hard, to fight my fears from the accident that still haunts me, to overcome them and move forward.  I highly recommend them to you if you or someone you love who has had an injury that has compromised their quality of life or they’ve experienced trauma from an accident or injury."

- Robin Wilson, Leadership Director, Sandra Schmirler Foundation

Our goal is to help you accelerate your recovery, enjoy the process of recovery, and transform that experience into a strategy for staying in your best shape. To achieve this goal, we 1) provide customized movement training that facilitates optimal condition for your recovery, 2) share knowledge and resources that help you enhance your understanding of your body system, 3) establish strategies to adapt your training according to your unique environment, and 4) connect you with the right practitioners when necessary, so that you can manage your integrative health and well-being. At Embodied Dynamics, your rehabilitation leads into long-term health and well-being.

Sports simulation
Assisted corrective exercise
Doing rowing machine with a broken hand
driver shot
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