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Breathing and deep core activation are probably one of the most frequently discussed topics in the world of rehabilitation, fitness, and wellness. However, they are also one of the most confusing topics as many practitioners teach different methodologies that seem to contradict one another.


We believe that training for breathing and core is a truly empowering experience rather than a confusing experience if we clearly understand the scientific basis of such training. For this reason, this page starts with the following three videos that provide a brief overview of the anatomy, physiology, and neuromuscular coordination of the muscles that control respiration and posture. You can also visit the blog postings (part1 and 2) on this topic if you prefer learning through text and pictures. 

**Please read the following DISCLAIMER before watching the following videos.** 


The instructions and advice in the videos are in no way intended as a substitute for the guidance of your doctor. Even if done properly, every exercise has the potential for some risk of injury or even death. You are responsible for choosing the progression of fitness that seems right to you. Before you begin this program, you should have permission from your doctor to participate in moderately challenging to vigorous exercise. If you become uncomfortable, experience pain, numbness, breathlessness, disorientation, nausea, and/or bleeding from any body part, stop exercising immediately and seek help.

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